2017/01/07 How can life experiences be compared with each other? / 人生経験は比較することができるのだろうか


"Mounting about life experiences" the phrase coined by the author of the entry above, it appears, means gibing at someone on the grounds that they don't have the experiences which the giber has that the giber thinks it a pity not to have.

This derision makes me sick, so I want to repond to it philosophically. In order for anyone to perform this "mounting," it is necessary that a life experience of one can be compared with that of another. But I doubt this assumption. For example, let us think about the experience of having a sweetheart and enjoying the relationship in high school days. Suppose twins, Castor and Pollux, each has had such experiencs. Even so, the experiences cannot be compared with each other, for they must have occurred in different contexts. Castor may have got to have an unexpected girl as his sweetheart, on the other hand, Pollux can have deliberately asked a girl to be his girlfriend. In that case, the experieces of having a wonderful girlfriend, though they may appear to be the same, have different meanings for each of the twins. And the experiences with different meanings can be understood as distinct experiences in the first place. For experices are what we experience. Therefore, "mounting about life experieces" are on the insuppotable assumpition.

In fact, I didn't see any reason for supposing that Ira Ishida gibed at Makoto Shinkai in the interview.