2017/01/08 In defense of the right to regret

As a man who, by teaching English to teenagers, is involved in their education, I often come to wonder if it is appropriate to tell them to live deliberately and consciously so that they won't repent of how they have lived in the future. Regret is bitter. But it doesn't follow from the bitterness that regret should be kept away from life. Rather, I think regret can be an indispensable part of life. Just as a bitter chocolate is good for your health, so regret is good for your life. The taste of the bitterness will lead people to look back how they have lived thus far, and on the basis of it, to make a new way of living with the memory of the acerbity always in thier mind. Some people may have as their motto, "Be positive, always look forward." But I think if there is no past, there is no future. You have to look back before looking forward. We must not deny young people the right to regret because the denial can deprive them of chances to restart their days in a brand-new fashion, which is the biggest pleasure the life can provide for them.