2017/01/09 My neck and Miranda Kerr

My neck was stiff and hurt today. Such was the seriousness that it made me completely sick and I had to lay myself for a couple of hours before I got myself to prepare for tomorrow's presentation. This delay caused me to postpone writing this entry until now.

In a previous entry i wrote of my resolution of the year 2017. It can be stated in a single word: exercise. I will take regular exercise in order to lose my weight and stay fit. But there is another objective for the exercise: to rid myself of this nauseating trouble by my neck. A doctor said it comes from my bad posture, which is caused by the asymmetry of my muscles. Workout, if done properly, helps your muscles develop symmetrically, said Ishii Naokata in this book.




 Recently I watched this commercial video, in which Miranda Kerr is a presenter of "abura management." What caught my attention was not the product, but the devinely beautiful posture of hers. That is what I will strive for this year. I will stand the same way as she stands.The mere sound of this question makes me laugh: will I be really a Miranda Kerr at the end of the year?

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