2017/01/11 On sticking to a diet

I think it is already well-known that the English word "diet" is not propoerly used in Japanese. Its meaning is

a limited variety or amount of food that you eat for medical reasons or because you want to lose weight (Oxford Advanced Leaner's Dictionary) 

 But, when Japanese say "ダイエット," it is supposed to mean effors to lose your weight. As this blog is in English, when I say "sticking to a diet," it has the original meaning.

It has been difficult for me to stick to a diet because eating is integral part of my life. Not that I couldn't live without food, but that for me it is no exaggeration to say that to live is to eay and that to eat is to have fun which would never be attained otherwise.

But things have changed since I made it a rule to hit the gym whenever I could. I have got to spend some time and some money on workout in order to stay fit. And I have come to feel that eating unhealthy foods makes meaningless this time and money spent for the exercise. In addition, having healthy foods is rationally compatible with hitting the gym. That's how I have been successful in sticking to a diet lately.