2017/01/12 What I seem to have learned from philosophical courses

This morning the last class of this semester was done. Come to think of it, it means that I have gone through a whole year of education of philosophy. This realization invited me to wonder what I have leanrned or even whether I have learned anything.

One thing is clear: I have learned to take a broader point of view when reading. Last spring it was usually the case that I was obsessed with interpretation of one single sentence or even a word, only to get stuck there and lose sight of the whole picture of the reading material. Indeed, it is not always wrong to dwell on a paerticular part. But it is right only if the part is an essential one in light of what the author tries to argue as a whole. I was incapable of this viewpoint

Besides, I was taught what to do in order to see the whole picture of a paper or a book. It is often helpful to look over the table of contents. It gives how the argument will develop and the conclusion the author wants to reach. Another thing recommended is to check the index. Search for any words which are of interest to you and you will see which part is meaningful to you.

With these tips and an attitude to understand what the writer wants to argue as a whole, I can now take a broad view and place due meaning to each part.