2017/01/14 There is no denying impressions

カンニング竹山さんの「すべらない話」と他者の「感想」を否定するということ - いつか電池がきれるまで


I am going to use the word impressons for the Japanese word "感想," and I want to think about denial of them. Especially, how and why can one deny impressions?

We can deny something if it is appropriate to call it right or wrong. That is, if there is any criteria for it to be a right one. But as you know if you use your mind a little, there are a lot of things in the world, to which we cannot apply this "right or wrong" criterion. For example, chemically speaking, water is H2O.  There is no labeling this right or wrong, for it is natural. Notice that you can label this as true or false. I am using "right" or "wrong" in a moral sense. 

I think impressions are one of those things for which there is no moral standard. For they occur as naturally as things fall down when you release them in the air. They just come. 

Then this question should occur: Why do they criticize others' impressions and try to deny them? The reason may be that when you have posted your impression on the Internet, it is no longer an impression. Once it is posted on the Internet, it becomes a content. Contents are not natural because the act of making impressions into an entry can be evaluated. It bears and is intended to bear social value. Therefore, there is denying impressions but there can be denial of social expressions of them.