2017/01/16 There are no herbivorous men in the first place.

男子が「草食化」したのは、女子の「汚さ」が可視化されたから - ピピピピピの爽やかな日記帳

男が草食化した理由は99%アダルトビデオでしょう - メロンダウト

Recently at least two entries were posted about what brought about so-called "herbivorous" men. The first author contends they came about because filthiness of women has been revealed. The second author maintains that it is porn videos that gave birth to them. Both are based on the assumption that there are surely what we call "herbivorous" men.

But the hypothesis of Ijuin Hikaru is more interesting to me. He argues that those women who make a fuss about "herbivorous" men must be less charming. Guys cannot think they are cute. Those who are labeled herbivorous are only herbivorous for these women. They can be carnivorous when they see more charming women. So there are no herbivorous men. It is just men take to some women and do not do so to others.

Boys will be boys, boys are boys, boys were boys. Nothing has changed in them. I concur.