2017/01/18 On "explain it in your own words" and a deplorable inclination of mine

Towards the end of the last year, I watched on a train a commercial video which encouraged young people who are expecting job interviews to be able to explain in their own words. This dictum "explain in your own words" somehow caught my attention. And I once thought about it. I wrote an entry about the conclusion (but I deleted it because I thought it was ridiculous), in which I stated that there are not "your own words" in the literal sense of the words. Create your own words and no one can understand them. Even you don't understand them. So, I often wonder what is meant by the recommendation.

Recently I had a chance to learn about Wittgenstein, who criticized what he calls private language. It is a language which only the user can understand. He maintains that language is essentially public and that private language is nonsense. In reading his passages about private language, I was liable to think that perhaps the argument I developed about "your own words" can be based on the same thought as Wittgenstein. But this is just a deplorable inclination of novice philosopher to regard themselves as similar to great ones.