2017/01/19 In order not to be won as a friend nor influenced by a Carnegie

I am working part time as an English teacher for two companies. Neither is a large one, so I often have a chance to talk with executives. And it seems to me that they try and manage to make friends with me and make me do what they want as they want me to. They ask me to do extra work that I don't have to do normally and it feels like I should do that. And unfortunately I am in charge of the work, which is totally discouraging.

Recently I came to wonder how come I am doing this extra work. And I realized that there is a book at their desks:

人を動かす 文庫版

人を動かす 文庫版


They are Carnegies and I was being won as a friend and influenced against my will. But a relationship between two men is not supposed to be controled by one man alone and taking advantage of it without awareness of the other seems to me to be ethically reprehensible. I think I should find time to read this (of course in English) in order not to be controled by them. 

But it is just a hypothesis that they are Carnegies. So reading this will help me find out whether they are ones, and whether they are trying to make friends with me and to exert impact on me.