2017/01/22 Workout and a mirror

I have been in the habit of going to a gym near my house almost every day since the new year began. Htting the gym led me to notice that there are many narcissists there. 

Before going on with the description of them, I must describe what the interior of the gym looks like. One of the walls is covered with a mirror. And the training machines are so arranged that while you are working out on them, the mirror is always on your left or right. So, for example, if you want to make sure that your posture is good during the training, you have to turn your face to the left or right to look in the mirror.

Narcissists, they always look at themselves in the mirror during the workout. But it never seems that they are willing to check their posture. They seem enchanted to look at themselves working out. They love how they look while training. Their own tormented face, their trembling limbs, their body glittering with sweat. As long as they love themselves in the course of their training, it doesn't matter. I let them love themselves. But the worst thing is that they love to see themselves panting after the hardwork right on the machine. It makes it impossible for the rest of us to utilize the machine during this enchantment time. How much annoyance they cause!

Moreover I would like to point out to them that their appearance as they are training with their face turned at a right angle either to left or right is really disenchanting. This paradox, that those who take the most care of how they look and make efforts to look cool or beautiful have their care and efforts backfire and they end up by looking awful, seems to me an interesting subject to work on philosophically.