2016/01/24 Business is business

When the English phrase "Business is business" is used, it usually means "when business is concerned, you have to prioritize profit more than personal circumstances." But when I used this words as the title of this entry, it meant "you have to do what you have to do."

This attitude I learned from my teacher. He is not my English teacher, but my teacher about teaching English. He was sure that you have to do the work of your company no matter how busy you are. I decided to assume this attitude towards work since I began to live on my own. So, when the company I am working for asks me to take on a task, as long as it doesn't lead to double-booking, I make it a rule to accept it. But nowadays it feels like the company is using me, taking the adavantage of my attitude. A new student? Ok, make him in charge of the class. That's the deal. Even though there are many other English teachers in the company, for some reasons I don't exactly know, one task after another falls on me. I don't know if I can survive this hardship through to the completion of my dissertation.