2017/01/25 Dreams and children

I often hear it said that we adults no longer have dreams, whereas children do. Pouple of Chinmey Town is one of many works whose themes are centered on this point.

But think of the days when you were a kid. Did you really have dreams? As for me, when I was a kid, I didn't have a dream. In fact, I didn't see any future. I just lived each day with no prosopect for the future. It is true that I was sometimes made to write about my dreams but they were not intended as realisitic ones. That is, I didn't mean it and I was not after it. Teachers told me to tell about my dream and I thought it ideal to have one, or at least to have one ostensibly, so I made it up. And I believe this story is shared with most adults nowadays. 

If, when I was, say, 10 years old,  you had asked me if I had ever imagined what I would be doing at the age of 25 and if I had any plans for the future, I would have answered no , being as honest as I am now. I lived without any perspective for the future. It is not that  only dismal future awaited me, but that for me the word future meant the following day at the farthest. It is natural that children should live this way.

After all, dreams are, in nine cases out of ten, what adults have made up either to make excuses for their boring lives or to keep from giving up on themselves when they have realized that they are not living a normal life considering the way other people live.