2017/01/26 Is learning English fun? and one of the reasons I write an entry in English every day

To me, learning English is a torture. So, when I see an entry on the Internet that tells its readers that it is fun to, or at least there is a pleasurable way to learn English, I cannot help feeling like condemning the author for telling a huge lie.

Learning foreign languages is a hardship. It could give you hell. You have to do it every single day, again and again and again and again. No matter how tired you are, no matter how troblesome it feels, no matter how early you have to get up tomorrow, no matter how sick you feel, you have to do it every day, and for considerable minutes.

All you have to do is carry on. But not a few poeple find this tormenting. As a result, very few could do that. The experience of seeing a lot of students fail to keep on studying the language has invited me to think that what I should do for them as a teacher is not so much to teach them English, which all books about English could do in my place, as to help them get in the habit of studying English every day. I intend this blog as an aid for this purpose. This blog is not intended as a studying material for students. There are thousands of that kind of blog. I need not produce such kind of entry. But I hope those who read this blog or who saw me keep on writing an English entry every day will be inspired and encouraged to stay on the right track.