2017/01/27 On an ideal way to end a day

Several years ago I saw a Japanese comedian, who is known to be a fanatic of video games, saying on TV that his ideal way of ending his day is to fall asleep, or better "lose concsiousness before he knows", while playing a game. According to him, there is nothing more otiose than sleeping, so the less time you spend in trying to sleep, the more fruitful is your life.

At that time, that way of ending a day seemed most dangerous one. The mere thought of losing consciousness every day made me shudder with fear. One could say that it is a matter of life and death. So it appeared at that time. But now, I don't seem to abhor the idea to that degree. Living a tremendously busy life as I am, I have come to feel falling asleep as if you had been knocked down is way better than spending quite a time waiting for the sleep to come. Last night, I seem to have fallen into a dream while practicing pronouncing German.