2017/01/28 What I believe as an English teacher


The author said that education should take care of the mental states of children and in order to do this it should be based on scientific evidence. But I am worried that this author and the readers who admire this view are not aware of their critical decision: they have decided to trust science. Science is regarded as so trustworthy that this kind of determination often goen unnoticed. But it is in fact biased and value-laden as this book shows vividly.

Psychiatry and Philosophy of Science (Philosophy and Science)

Psychiatry and Philosophy of Science (Philosophy and Science)


After all, since a determination is accompanied by responsibility, the dicision to base an education on science must come with accountability. But there seems to be no awareness of this determination, still less any explanation.

Teachers must be reponsible for their education and it requires them to believe in something. It necessitates a belief that their education is conducive to the students' futures. And it is not science that appreciates things as valuable but a human being. We have to be conscious of our choices and the values that serve as the basis of them and be ready  to account for it, for this is what responsibility is all about.