2017/01/29 At the mercy of my whim

My mind is whimsical. 

Today, when I woke up at around nine, I felt so tired that I thought I could not work out today. Since I had been busy all this while, my mind and my body was calling for a rescue, I said to myself. So, I decided not to hit the gym today.

After spending about an hour looking over Twitter and checked news on the web, somehow my body began to feel strong enough to get up and start my day. So I went out of my bed, drank a glass of water, prepared the breakfast, and sat down at the desk  before my laptop.

Now, much to my surprise and dismay, I found myself energetic enough to hit the gym. What has happened during this course? I cannot make sense of this change without resorting to my whimsical mind. Come to think about it, my mind began to wander when I was about fifteen, and since then it has been in the habit of wandering, leaving me helpless and at the mercy of it. Just before getting down to writing this entry, I made up my mind to work out today. I hope this will not be changed on a whim.