2017/02/01 Men of cultures

Browsing on Hatena Blog, I often encounter such entries as I believe must have written by men of cultures. As I am a philosophy major, those I find are mostly about philosophical issues: about death and how to live, about Hegelian view of history and so on. To my surprise, most of them are not philosophy majors. Moreover, they are not even students. They do philosophy as their hobbies, beside their jobs.

Since I have an aspiration to be a professor of philsophy and make a living by doing it, I often find those who say they "like" philosophy disgusting. This is because all most of them do is read books on philosophy and memorize a sentence or two which had a chance to attact their attention and play upon their heartstrgins. They say, "Where of one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent." and nothing more. Doing philosophy is not just about memorizing what the philosophical giants said, but about interpreting and giving particular meaning to it so that you can develop your own philosophy and tackle problems that are important to you.

But the authors I came across and admired are not the kind of would-be philosophers I despise. They study, understand and draw on some of the philosophical topics and build up their own thoughts. I'm afraid some day they will replace me as professors of philosophy.