2017/02/03 Habits that I have acquired since I began to live by myself

It seems that it is easier to get into new habits when I live by myself than when I live with my family. Here are new habits that I have acquired.

  • cooking whenever I can
  • hitting the gym regularly
  • writing an English entry every day
  • spending at least two hours for studying French and German
  • taking a note every time I met a new word and to memorize it later on

How come it is so easy? I'm not sure but at least I can say there are many habits that turned out impossbile for me to keep or even to form, such as refraining from eating too much fried food, being an early bird and so forth. To the best of my knowledge, there is no foretelling which habit you can get into. All you can do is to give it a try and see how it works. If I get more observant of how my mind and body work, it can give me more information about the knack of starting a new life, but it is a big if. I cannot be so conscious of myself in daily lives. It seems to be the last habit that I will attain.