2017/02/05 A souvenir of London

A couple of years ago, one of my best friends spent about a year in London. He had quit his job in order to stay there and learn English. This stay paid off and he won a remarkably high score on TOEIC and now works for a renowned company in Japan. 

He said he had bought for me a souvenir. But he kept forgetting to bring it to me.  Finally, after more than six months from his return to Tokyo, he succeeded in handing it to me. It is a piggy bank which they sell only in Oxford University. It looks cute but has somehow exotic atmosphere, which makes it irresistible to behold it when you pass by it. It has a label "UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD" on it. This makes me proud (and I don't know how!). 



When is the last time I bought a present for a friend? As I feel obliged to him for his kindness and our relationship, this question came up. I guess I have to do something for them in return.