2017/02/06 Five Months

If my memory serves me right, I have been in the habit of writing an English entry a day for five months. To my disappointment, I don't have to review my past entries in order to see that I have a tendency to use particular words and phrases more frequently than other ones. Therefore, reading them must be boring, with similar ideas conveyed in similart manners. What can I do to put an end to this lamentable proclivity? I think there is at least one way out: reading what you don't usually read in English, picking out sentences you want to use in the writing and learning them by heart. This procedure must be tough to put through, but I have to do it, for my english is lacking in some colors as it were and I hope for it to be more colorful with more nuances.

 To my another disappointment, the entries in English are less popular than the other ones about English. For example, the one which has been read the most times is this:


As you can see, this one was born out of my hatred toward blogs concerned with "translation of lyrics." More often than not, they are wrong, paying no duly attention to grammatically difficult parts. But I seem to have grown out of this business I don't know when. I write English entries so as not to be the focus of attention, nor to attract many readers. Its primary purpose is to be more fluent in English. Nevertheless, I often find myself discrouaged when I see my English entries viewed less and less frequently.  After all, I might be one of those who are possessed by the devil which they call "desire for recognition."