2017/02/07 To be honest is to be sad

Honesty is such a lonely word, as Billy Joel sings.

I have an ingrained tendency to observe the rules that the organizations of which I am a member provide or the instructions that my supervisors give. So, I do such things as take me so long a time but seem fruitless only because I am supposed to. And I take it for granted that everyone else follows the rules and instructions just as I do. 

However, it turned out that not everyone is as obedient or as loyal as I had expected. For example, a cram school that I work for stipulates that the teachers give a test per month as a review. It is teachers that organize the test because it has to be tailor-made for each of the students. I have done it every month at the cost of time required to make the test since it is agreed on both between the employer and the employee and between the cram school and the families.

Every time the test is done, it is necessary for teachers to make a report of it, so that those concerned know how the student is doing. But the other teachers haven't made that report, which means they have never given the test. What is worse, the school turns a blind eye to this problem. It was only me that has devoted my time to this, being paid nothing for it. Ridiculous. Nevetheless, I will go on giving this test to my students, for it is of a tremendous service to them. As it is stipulated, it naturally invites them to review what was taught in the past. Many a little makes a mickle. No pain, no gain. From these little tests will accrue a large difference in English ability.