2017/02/14 My neck pain and the last resort

I have a stiff neck. Sometimes it causes me so much pain and nausea that I want to get away from this world. In these cases, I am never free from the symptoms whether I am  seated, upright or lying. There is no escape. 

I consulted doctors about it before. They said it came from my habit and my unbalanced muscles. My body is in the habit of being in a bad posture, which causes the asymmetry of my muscles, which reciprocally inclines your body toward a worse posture. So if I really want to free from this neck stiff, I have to restore the balance of my muscles and also get out of the habit. So they said.

So I started to watch my posture, but in vain. It turned out that I could only be conscious of it when I got seated. After I get started with my work, my consciousness is fixed on the material I am writing, reading or watching. My posture is gone out of my awareness, which means it goes bad. 

Moreover, the asymmetry of my muscles are not to be modified in a short time.

坐骨で座る究極の座面シート|アーユル メディカルシート オフィシャルサイト

Therefore I need someone or something that takes care of my posture in my place. Yesterday, I saw this series of seat displayed in Tokyu Hands. I tried sitting on it. It felt good. It was strong enough to support my weight. To tell the truth, I have bought many of these functional cushions before but none worked. Their form got distorted under the pressure of my weight, resulting in their malfunction. They were not strong enough.

This could be my last resort.