2017/02/16 Ads of ADHD

Lately the Internet has been infested with ads about online manga serives and adults with ADHD, at least for me. As to the former, every time I see them on the Internet, I report to the Google or Yahoo! that they don't in the least interest me. This report seems to be effective, for these days I see less and less of them. But as to the latter, though I am convinced that I will not be diagnosed with ADHD if I see a doctor, I don't feel I have nothing to do with this developmental disorder. 

When I was in the kindergarten, all I did was running around the garden. As far as I remember, I was running whenever possible. When everyone in the class is supposed to sing a song together, I found a chance to get out of the room and I began to run. I didn't know why, or rather I didn't care about why. However, such was the freedom I felt that sometimes I felt as if I were a wind. This tendency to sneak out of the classroom was diminished after I entered the elementary school. But the tendency of hyperactivity and impulsivity has persisted until now.

Sometimes I wonder what algorithm sends me these ads. I have never searched for ADHD on the Internet, nor clicked through the ads. Have I been acting in the way that indicates the tendency of ADHD on the Internet and has Google somehow detected it? It is unbelievable.