2017/02/17 Adlerian Psychology and Me

Way before it became as popular as today, I read an introductory book about Adlerian Psychology. It was when I was around 20, when I was aspiring to be a clinical psychologist. The book was this one.

アドラー心理学入門 (Adlerian books)

アドラー心理学入門 (Adlerian books)


The book was difficult for me to understand and all I understood was that the concept of inferiority was a key for the understanding of it. But it seemed to me that Adler himself suffered from inferiority and it was in order to make up for or say yes to his feeling of inferiority that he developed his psychology. At least it seemed that way. He impressed me as a man who tried to console himself by building up a theory and then to disseminate the theory in serach for the further affirmation of his suffering, that is, to ensure more firmly that his feeling of inferiority was eventually not a curse but a blessing, helping him to make a magnificent system of psychology. 

The first impression is strong and influential. Even after the book "嫌われる勇気" got published and the psychology became popular, the impression I got of him was unchanged. There were many people who recommended this book to me. Every time I had someone say something like "I read this book and I was super-impressed. You should also read this book. It will change your outlook on life and your life itself," I decided to hate them, because they have a courage to be hated and they can bear being hated by me, thanks to Adler. In this way in a past few years I lost not a few of my friends. Does it follow from this that I also have the courage to be hated?


「自分の苦しみを肯定する」と表現したかったのですが、むずかしかったです。affirmとかsay yes toとかmake up forを使ってみたものの、これで伝わるのかがわからず、ensure more firmly that ~などど冗長な言い方に逃げざるを得ませんでした。

「〜に...という印象を与える」の表現として、impress ~ as ...とstrike ~ as ...のふたつがあることは知っていました。ジーニアスか何かに、よい印象の時にはimpressを、悪い印象の時にはstrikeを使うと書いてあったような気がしましたので、strikeを使うつもりでしたが、名詞のstrikeには印象という意味がなかったので、そして後々に名詞で「印象」という単語を使いたかったので、つながりを重視してimpress ~ as ...と使いました。ちなみにこのふたつの表現は、SVOCの文型なのに、S=Cになるという変わり者です。