2017/02/20 What dating means for me

Dating means a lot for me and sharing of meaning is essential in forming a human bondage. Yesterday my girlfriend and I shared a meaning of dating. To date is to eat a more nutritious and more delicious meal.

Weekdays always see me eat monotonous meals. I take out a ready-made lunch box at a shop near my house, buy some at convenience stores, or cook for myself, only to die an agonizing death. 

But when dating, things are different. We go to restaurants with reasonable prices which serve meals which she and I normally don't have. It's a kind of nutrition booster. We went to a buffet restaurant yesterday where they use a great number of seasonal and nourishing vegetables. Since they are good for the body, I tried to eat as much as I could. It was only when I felt the foods sit heavy in my stomach that I was reminded that I was on a diet. Abstinence from eating a lot should be limited so that I can eat a lot of healthy foods. I protest.


いわゆるお弁当屋さんで買うようなお弁当をどう言えばいいのかが難しかった。lunch boxだと親が子どもに作ってあげるような弁当がイメージされる気がしたので。結果としてready-made lunch boxにしておいた。このフレーズで画像検索したところイメージ通りのものが出てきたので、問題なさそう。

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