2017/02/22 Since you are able to do anything

Just now I remembered having one of my collegues say, "Since you are a man of ability, you don't have to worry about it." She often says things to this effect. They always irked me. Here is why.

When you say somebody is a man of ability, it seems to me that the man was born with the ability. His proficiency is innate. But I am confident that I wasn't born with such an ability as I have now. Since the elementary school, I haven't been a good student. There have been many cases where I couldn't do what I wanted or what I was required to do. If I have any ability at all, it isn't inherited. It was acquired postnatally. I have increased what I can do one by one, little by little, through perseverance and sustained efforts. However, the colleague makes nothing of this personality that has been helpful to me. She belittles it. That's why she was always irksome when she said such kind of things. 


「生まれつき」を表す表現として、by nature、innate、inheritedあたりを使ってみました。inheritedはちょっと違う感じもする。「後天的に」を意味するいい単語を知らなくて、postnatallyと無理やりやってしまった。どなたかいい表現をご存知の方がいらっしゃたらご教授いただけますと幸いです。