2017/02/23 If I could have my own bookstore



"If you could have your own bookstore, what kind of book would you deal in?"

The other day I was asked this question. I answered at that time that I would collect "readers" of all kinds of launguage. That is, I would deal in short books that are classified by levels of each language. The reason is that I am having a hard time obtaining those books of French and German. This inconvenience is the indicator of business opportunity. 

Later on, I reflected on the question again. It occurred to me that managing a bookstore can be an activity based on your beliefs and values. Of course, you cannot deal in all the books in the world. So, you have to make a choice and the selection has to be based on your beliefs and values. You will decide what books to have in the store on the basis of what you believe is right or what you believe should be distributed in the society. Or you will decide not to have those kinds of book which are not interesting to you. So, your answer to this question can very well represent you. Really interesting, isn't it?