2017/02/25 On Down and Out in Paris and London

I love George Orwell. I think I have read all the novels by him: 1984, Animal Farm, The Clergyman's Daughter, Homage to Catalonia and so on. If my memory is right, his first novel or maybe I should say his first essay to be published was called Down and Out in Paris and London.

Down and Out in Paris & London

Down and Out in Paris & London


Before getting renowned as an author, Geroge Orwell went through an abject poverty in Paris and London. He writes about this experience and lessons he got. 

His vivid expression of being down and out and suffering from hunger was interesting and the intercourses he got with other down-and-outs were also intriguing. They all have their own stories and beliefs. Above all of them, the man who impressed me the most was called Bozo. He was living a homeless life in London. As Orwell writes, he was exceptional in that he was a man of culture. 

I like his story he once told George Orwell. When he lies on an embankment, trying to sleep and also feeling in his bones that he has a hard time living, he looks up at the night sky. When young he learned about astrology so he can easily find Mars. Then he says to himself things like these. There should be other people living like me, homeless and putting up with the bleak wind. As the living conditions on Mars must be harsher than that on the Earth, the police of the planet would be stricter than those of our planet. So, I am having a less hard time than those on Mars. This thought somehow consoles him.

In this way, this book will tell you how people in poverty are spinning meaning out of their lives. They could be encouraging, investing you with a fresh courage to tackle your current life.


いつもsay to oneselfとtalk to oneselfの違いを忘れてしまう。前者が心の中で言う。後者が独り言をいう。おそらく混同されて使われていることが多いと思う。

「あなたに新しい勇気を与える」を表現したくて、咄嗟にinvest you with a fresh courageという表現が浮かんだ。investでこういう言い方ができるのか不安だったので、ググってみたところ本や演説でも使われている表現のようなので採用。

"invest you with courage"

a fresh courageという言い方もよくあるみたいです。

"a fresh courage"

「〜から意味をつむぐ」という表現を日本語ですると思うが、英語でもそのままspin meaning out of ~で良さそう。

"spin meaning out of"