2017/02/27 Why do so many people show off their folly? Why are so many people confident in their English ability?

Having read an entry in which the author confidently "translated" a blog entry in English into Japanese and compared it with the original, I am wondering why so many people are confident in their English ability without knowing how incompetent they are at comprehending English sentences. However, the answer is not to be found.

I think there are al least two problems that should be addressed. First, those show-offs think they understand English correctly in spite of the fact that they don't. They don't seem that there is a tool called dictionary which is of gigantic help when reading an English sentence. Have one at hand and make it a rule to consult it if you have a grain of doubt in your comprehension.

The second problem is that they not only show off their folly, but also they disseminate it as a correct translation. Readers of a translation certainly are composed of those who humbly admit that they cannot read English. Therefore, they cannot know whether the translation is based on correct understanding of the original. They have to swallow it. This state of affairs I must prevent. But sometimes the translation is so infested with grammatical mistakes that I cannot bring myself to point out all of them.