2017/02/28 On changing your major (2/2) backfire on ~ / 問題を切り分けて議論する / hopefullyの使い方


There have been a lot of difficulties I am confronted with since the alteration of my major. I began to get the training to be a psychologist when I was 19 and I got a bachelor's and master's degree by writing a dissertation on psychology. It was so tough a job that I don't seem able to think and do the research otherwise than psychologically. Now, I have been applied to philosophical dissertation, but talk with my supervisor often brings home to me that the psychological disposition is in my way.

For example, Japanese psychologists don't pay much attention to the difference between emotion, affection and feelings and I was one of them. On the other hand, philosophers do. They are (hopefully, we will be) sensitive to the terms. This sensitivity is the key. For good philosophical work is more often than not about making distinctions in what has been discussed as a whole by using terms and developing an assiduous argument according to that classification.

Now I am stuck in my research. Everything I do backfires on me. There is no alternative but to hope that this struggle will turn out fine. Indeed, there are many philosophers who were originally a psychologist, but later changed their major to philosophy. 

「期待を逆の結果に終わる」という意味でbackfireが使えるのは知っていたが、onと組み合わせて使うのは知りませんでした。おそらく不利益のonと呼ばれるonでしょう。Don't die on me.のような。