2017/03/01 Apprenticeship 「〜の弟子である」 / promptの意外な意味

In the academic world, especially when you are a student, you are often regarded as an "apprentice" of such and such professor. The word apprenticeship has a very big meaning. If you are an apprentice to some trade, you always follow your master everywhere, and your master always gives you on-the-job-training, prompting you , paying full attention to you, and giving you feedback as you do the job. This way you will follow the long hard course of growth from a novice to another master. This is what the word apprenticeship inspires me to imagine.

But when it comes to philosophy, such an apprenticeship can never be found. You have a talk with your supervisor once a month or less often. I don't know if this can be called an apprenticeship. Why do they call this situation in this way?



「〜の弟子である」、と言いたいとき、〜の部分に職業が入るならば、be an apprenticeship to ~となり、〜に師匠が入るならば、be an apprenticeship of ~といえば良さそうです。


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