2017/03/05 On teaching on one-on-one basis (part2)


In the entry above I argued that it is harder to teach one on one than to teach a class. The reason is that the problem that prevents the student from making progress in English is often so complicated that you cannot be sure where to start teaching. 

Sometimes I see some teachers giving a fake one-on-one lecture. That is, they teach what to teach only according to what they think is important, not according to what the students need. The company I am working for doubts whether this kind of lecture can be  called a one-on-one basis. I agree with them. It is only another kind of a class teaching.

But it is not that you have only to teach what the student needs. You also have to teach what you think your student needs, even though they don't feel it to be necessary. Therefore, all you have to do is to strike a balance between affording what the student feel they need and what you believe they do. I am always linclined toward the former, letting the students lead the class and making them feel uneasy about the future direction of their class.