2017/03/06 Too much confidence

Yesterday I went to a cafe and had supper. A waiter came to me, telling me that where the vacant seats were and that I could choose whichever I liked. As is often the case with waiters in a cafe, he was handsome and looked cool in his outfits. But something prevented him from looking attractive or there was something about him that made me want to stay away from him. 

When I got seated, it occurred to me that he had too much confidence in himself. Every movement he does, every word he said, every eye contact he made, that is, virtually everything about him indicated that he believed himself handsome, cool and sexy. I knew that he was working there to get intimate with girls. 

After a few minutes, there came a girl alone to the cafe. The all too self-confident waiter waited on her. She got seated. The waiter took her order. She brought something from her bag. It seemed that she began studying. The waiter brought her the drink. He talked to her, taking in his hand the studying material she was addressing herself to. She looked disgusted by his deed. He walked away. I knew it. I knew this was going to happen. I loved the sound of his walking away.  

Then, why do I hate these kinds of people? I don't know. I will write an essay about how I feel when I meet these self-confident and pushy people.