2017/03/07 Why I study philosophy and Joan Miro


Why did I decide to study philosophy? There are several reasons for it, I guess.

One of them would be that I am poor at reading books. I am a slow and impatient reader. As I mentioned elsewhere, though I am not diagnosed with ADHD, I have been hyperactive and hyper impulsive since my childhood. This propensity got weaker and weaker as I grew up, but it still lingers on in me. So, I'm still a bad reader.

You might as well ask why I made up my mind in spite of that disposition. Because I heard about an artist named Joan Miro. When he entered an art school, he was so poor at comprehending the shape of things that he could not discern between straight lines and curve lines. But in face of this fact, he decided to go on as an artist. I heard that he said something like this: "I decided to be an artist, because I would have to make more effort than others" And he produced pictures no one else could.

This story was inspiring to me. I said to myself that I would live as Joan Miro did. It was three years ago, when I decided to start.