2017/03/09 What you don't read you cannot write.

If I remember correctly, I wrote an entry concerning how difficult it is to write about everyday life. It remains so. When I set about writing in English, my mind is always inclined to those complicated topics which are better off written by a more intelligent author than me, such as friendships, education, and so on. 

So today I had intended to tell you about my daily experiences. However, it seems I cannot possibly do so, for my mind is not ready to do so. As I am a philosophy major, these days what I read in English are books of philosophy or psychology. When it comes to writing in a foreign language, what you read in that language has a tremendous impact on what and how you write, as I said in this article.


That is, since I read only specialized books, it has gotten hard for me to write in English about daily life. How can I overcome this impediment? Maybe I should read English essays so that I could immerse myself in everyday English. I am not sure if I have time to do it.