2017/03/11 Walkthroughs

I am a graduate student who wishes to be a professor in the future. It has been about a year since my entrance into the university, and from time to time I am confronted with the fact that I am far less familiar with philosophy than other students. I think it cannot be helped to some degree, for I had never majored in philosophy before. But if I wish to be a professor at all, I have to get familiar with it. Such being the case, I refrain from playing video games, which was one of my favorite pastime. This year there have been so many fascinating games that I find it hard to resist the temptation.

This desire I soothe by watching walkthrough videos on Youtube. Watching them has been so much fun to me and I wish I could post videos of such kind one day. Surely it would be after I have become a professor. I will be a professor and also I will have my own gaming channel on Youtube. Has such a professor ever existed before?