2017/03/14 Ability and Conduct

It seems to me that it is since people today began to use the words such as 「女子力」or 「コミュニケーション能力」, "abilities expected of a girl" or "communication competence" respectively, that people have learned to use the word  「力」 the ability to explain other people's conducts. Now there are so many abilities like  「雑談力」 "the ability to make small talks," 「意志力」 "the ability to will," or even 「コンプレックス力」 (I don't know how to translate this into English). 

These concepts share the assumption that people have their own internal set of abilities, each of which can be trained following a certain procedure, and that their conducts are the manifestations of these abilities. Abilities are hidden but conducts are apparent.

Being a contrarian by nature, I wanted to cast doubt on the premise when faced with this tendency of the society. However, I didn't know how. There remained a pile of frustration in my mind.

Now I devote a great amount of my time to the book called "Being and Nothingness" by Jean-Paul Sartre. It is considered as a phenomenological essay of ontology. Such a slow reader am I that I can only read two pages an hour. Nevertheless, I enjoy reading it because this book not only casts into doubt the assumption I had meant to deny but also tries to build a theory that can replace it. It assures me that the choice was right which I made to have a supervisor whose philosophical background is phenomenology.