2017/03/15 Before Dawn

I don't know how, but I woke up at 5:22 this morning. It was dark before dawn. I heard some people say that human beings work best and most efficiently bright and early.  That remark must have relaxed me, for it took me over 90 minutes to get down to the daily article in English. If I am to make the most of getting up early, I must not only get up early but also get started swiftly.

I remember writing an article in which I argued against the inference of insignificance from incomprehensibility. If they have read an entry but couldn't understand it, people using blogging services tend to take no notice of it, dismissing it as a nonsense. In this process, they implicitly conclude the article is not worth reading and the conclusion is based on the fact that they didn't comprehend it. But such an inference is nothing but illogical. My argument can be surmmarized this way.


This morning I found an article in which the author criticizes a movie which I admire. It seems the author couldn't make sense of the movie, and on that account, he made fun of it. Now I am wondering why we are all liable to commit this fallacy. Maybe it is because of the difficulty of criticizing something or someone without bringing about the debasement of the object, although this can well be done with a deliberate and discerning mind.