2017/03/16 Why I don't write a helpful article

My blog belongs to a couple of Hatena Blog groups. I sometimes look over the blogs which are also the members of the groups. This lets me know what kind of entry can be of service and what kind of effort they make to attract more readers. Also, it always comes near persuading me into making the same kind of effort as they do, that is, attempts to make the entries more helpful and write more entries that contribute to the readers. But it always fails to do so because I always make up my mind anew not to write these kinds of entry. 

The reason why I write an English article every day is that by getting myself into this habit, I want to elevate my English ability to express myself, or at least keep it at a certain level. So, all that matters to me is whether I can carry on or not. 

Experiences in my youth have told me that I cannot carry on what I do entirely for the sake of others. I seem to have been born this way. Therefore, I have no intention to write serviceable entries, for it will end up in forcing me out of this habit.