2017/03/18 Reading Competition

One of the episodes of All Ears English told me that many Americans are in "busy competition." I was surprised to hear that when they are asked "How are you?" not a few answer, "I'm busy." 

As I am a student of philosophy, on Twitter philosophers' accounts are often suggested to me as users to follow, though I don't follow them more often than not. It is because many of them are in what you can call "reading competition"  as Americans are in busy competition. When they have finished reading some book, they tweet "finished reading " and they go on to tweet at length what they are inspired to think. I don't mean to criticize them, but I want to blame myself for being influenced in a bad way by these tweets. When I read them, I feel I have to read as many books as quickly as they do, which I could never do for the life of me. If I should try to do so, I will end up reading it carelessly and making myself contented with the mere fact that I have flipped all the pages and understood only what I happened to understand.

What I need to do now is to understand the whole book. As one of the professors says, a book written by an European or American philosopher should be considered as an architecture. It is so arranged that the parts of it have meaningful relations with each other and they are ordered strategically. When reading a book, you have to pay attention to these relations and the strategy. Not being used to this way of reading, it slows me down. So, this reading attitude is not compatible with the competition. I am too immature to take part in it.