2017/03/23 "Is there a certain age you're supposed to be?"

The title is quoted from a song called "Riot Van" by Arctic Monkeys

I remember realizing how meaningless it was to count my age when I was eleven. However, ever since I have continued to this day counting my age because it is often necessary to tell my age. But I still believe there is little meaning in counting my age. For it is given. What is given is just one of my specialties and nevertheless, they never make you special, for everybody has their own share. Therefore, what is given must be surmounted. Only through this overcoming will I reach the originality which I adore and aspire, that of some artists. 

The trouble with the decision not to count my age is that I have ceased to count other people's age. So, I don't know how old my parents or my best friends are. When I tell I don't know their age, they sometimes seem to feel disappointed to see that I don't care about them, which is not possibly true. This shows how strongly a person's personality and her age are related. Anyway, I have to tell them that I care. How? By giving them a birthday present.