2017/03/26 Three Youtube Channels and One Podcast That Give You Introductory Lessons To Philosophy

My life is shockingly busy thanks to other teachers who are lacking both in morality and in knowledge and skills. Although there is a job that somebody has to do and they have already agreed to work for the company, they never take it on, saying things like, "Oh, sorry but I'm busy that day." Everybody is busy but there is a class to be delivered to a student. However, they never choose to take it. So, the job is left with no one else to do it but me. Moreover, they don't have enough knowledge nor skill to teach a certain type of student, that is, those who are preparing for the entrance examination. So, when there comes a student of that kind and she needs help, there is no one else but me to help her with one-on-one lectures. As a result, I am shockingly busy. Nevertheless, I have to do my research. So it is for me a matter of life and death how to spare as much time as possible to study philosophy.  As I was considering this problem, I found a big obstacle in my way: housework. I realized it took much more time than it should. Being all thumbs, I decided to contrive means to study while doing housework, not to do the work faster. So, I searched on the Internet for such listening materials as teach me about philosophy. The search revealed to me the following. ( I will give you more details when I have more time. Apparently, I took too much time to describe how busy I am and how I found them. Sorry about that.)

1. Crash Course Philosophy


2. Wireless Philosophy


3. The School of Life


4. Philosophy Bites