2017/03/29 Resumption of a Hobby

A few years ago, it was one of my hobbies to transcribe passages of English writers such as Somerset Maughm, George Orwell and so on. Above all, my favorite author was Aldus Huxley, who wrote long sentences which were separated by a lot of commas but were not difficult to understand. On the contrary, they are brilliant and describe vividly how a great mind was working.

This hobby was all too time-consuming. So, as I grew older and busier, I had to give it up. But lately English sentences I write have been feeling monolithic. They are lacking in variety and color. I am beginning to be fed up with them (I remeber using this phrase "be fed up with" recently. Now you know what I mean). These observations compelled me to resume the hobby. I decided to transcribe essays of Robert Lynd, whose humorous style I admire very much.

What I like about this hobby is not only that it imbues you with new expressions or styles when writing English, but also that it gives you a sense of relationship with the past great authors. This feeling is somewhat soothing and refreshing, taking me out of the busy life infested with disturbance.