2017/04/02 YouTube Video Ads Suck

The reason why I don't have a TV set in my room is that it seems to have a dumbing effect on my mind. I can't account for this impression but it does seem so. One of the philosophers I admire once said, "TV makes you stupid. So we had better do away with it." At that time I wondered what made him say such a thing, but now I feel he was right.

For the same reason I detest TV, I hate video ads on YouTube. The same ones turn up over and over again and none of them interest me a bit. However, as grateful as I am to YouTube for giving me a lot of interesting videos about philosophy, I make it a rule not to block them and even to answer when there comes an ad for surveying. But it is getting harder and harder for me to put up with those ads that are not only of no interest to me but also vulgar. I cannot wait for the day when YouTube Red will be available in Japan. The service will prevent any ads from being delivered and also it enables the user to watch special video contents and to utilize Google Play Music