2017/04/04 There Is Nothing New Under the Sun. Therefore, Everything Is a Bore.

There is nothing new under the sun. It is a proverb that I knew a couple of years ago. It means, I understand, that since ancient times, everything has already happened, so what seems new or original at first is actually what was before.

It is true of blog entries. Everybody posts their entry as if it were new, original and of interest. When it comes to offering information, no other feature is admirable than a novelty, but since there is nothing new under the sun, we can never be novel. We can never be valuable. Nevertheless, people write their entries as though they were novel, important and interesting and they were telling you the truth that should be known to the world, a small small world of the Japanese Internet.

So many old articles have I run across that I concluded that no blog would ever interest me. Yes. All articles are boring.

Some of you may want to retaliate against me, saying things like "This entry of yours is very much boring. Thank you very much." However, this is just another case of ad hominem, a fallacy which people living on the Internet usually commit. Moreover, when I say all entries are boring, it includes mine. I am no exceptional. For I am under the sun, just as you are.