2017/04/06 Work Like a Dog, Laugh Like a Horse

The other day, there was a meeting of all the students and teachers who belong to the department of philosophy. The professors talked briefly about their classes to be delivered in this semester and then the students introduced themselves. I said that I am a part-time teacher of English and that I am made to work like a dog. If I translate what I said at that time word for word, the translation will be "I am made to work like a coach-horse." However, there appears to be no such phrase in English. I am made to work like a dog.

This expression was meant to be impressive. When introducing myself, I always intend to impress people so that they can remember me, but this time the phrase backfired on me. They didn't remember my name. What they did remember was that I am the guy who said he was made to work like a dog. One of the professors told me yesterday that he was sorry he couldn't recall my name but that he knew I was working like a dog. Such a pity. Do you know how best to deal with this kind of bitterness that life has to offer? It is to laugh at it. It is one of my few merits that I have learned to laugh at myself.