2017/04/07 You are a psychiatrist, aren't you?

There is a psychologist who is one of the leading figures in Japan of the philosophy of psychology. He published a lot of books and papers and he has an honorable academic career. He taught a great deal of students about both philosophy and psychology at prestigeous univerisities while producing his own unique research. Now that he is old, his tenure came to an end. Much to our surprise, his passion for research has not been exhausted yet. He has come as a researcher to the graduate school where I belong.

Yesterday there was a class of philosophy, which he and I attended. SInce we were both members of the same research meeting, he recognized me and said "I think I have already met you before." I, as one of the students of both philosophy and psychology, recognized him as a matter of course, and we had a small talk before the class began. He said, "If I remember right, you are a psychiatrist, aren't you?" This surprised me quite a bit but I composed myself to say, "No, I am not. There are many doctors in the research meeting but I am not." To this he replied, "Oh, I thought you were. You have a presence, so that you chould pass for a doctor." This remark was another surprise. However, come to think of it, many people told me that I had a presence. The trouble is, the presence is all I have. I don't have any achievements or experiences to base that dignity on. So, poeple come to see that actually I am not a man of dignity as they exchange some words with me. Behind the presence, there is absence.