2017/04/10 Rathering

I am reading Intuition Pumps and other tools for thinking by Daniel C. Dennett. In it, he introduces dozens of thinking tools which he applies when he is tackling philosophical problems.


Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking

Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking



There is a tool called Rathering, which is, as I understand it, to cast a doubt, when an author writes "not A, but rather B," whether that dichotomy is correct or not. Ask yourself, "Is there really no possibility that the two is compatible?"

There is an entry in the hot entries where the writer explains why employees leave the company. The title is intriguing: 人は裏切らない、合理的に動くだけ.

人は裏切らない、合理的に動くだけ - シャイニング丸の内日報-年収500万円以上のキャリアマガジン-

This can give you an example of Rathering. Try to think of a case of a reasonable betrayal, where an employee betrays her employer reasonably. I have no intention of giving an example of it, but at least I can say there can very well be one, if I exercise my imagination.