2017/04/14 Why I Don't Like Self-Introduction


I don't like self-introduction. Job interviewers ask, "What are your strengths?" Interviewees answer, something like "I am excellent in interpersonal communication skills." A few years ago, I was engaged in job hunting. At that time, this kind of conversation is uncomfortable for me for the reason I was unable to explain.

Now that I am free from job interviews and it seems that I can explain why I don't like such kind of interlocution. Suppose I answered, "I am excellent in interpersonal communication skills." By so doing, I am making myself into a man with such skills. The interviewer would take me for such kind of person and if I got the job, so would the company. I would be socially made into a thing with such a set of skills. However, as can be seen easily, the one who was answering "I am skillful in such and such an area." was definitely not the same person as the one described in the answer. This self is just not a thing. So, in answering the question, I am the skillful man(or thing) in the way of not being him. In spite of this, the skillful man would be socially made and I would have to work and live as such. This distortion is something annoying about the job interview, about self-introduction. In a word, by self-introduction, I would have to live as a thing, devoid of other possibilities which should not be denied to me. This state is called bad faith by Jean-Paul Sartre.