2017/04/19 How To Read Faster

This morning, I had a talk with my supervisor about my research. It turned out that he has to write an article about psychotherapies by September and he had intended to cite my paper about them, assuming there to be such one of mine by July. But his assumption was totally wrong. I could not for the life of me finish in such a short time.

These kinds of events prompt me to read faster than I can now. But look around for those methods which are endorsed by media and you will find there is none that can be counted as a method for reading faster. To read is not to move eyes over the pages or to flip them. To read is to relate the parts to the whole. This can only be done by an ardent student who goes forward and backward intermittently as she reads a book. To read faster should be to become an expert of this and to speed up the process. So the search for a method to read faster always disappoints me by convincing that there is no easy-peasy way of studying.